Holly-Lynn Latimour
Three of my greatest passions in life are Family, Travel, and Photography. I strongly believe that family and travel broadens one's view of the world and photography helps to capture that vision. Through my photographs, I hope to document my own experiences, as well as those of my clients.

I have been involved in photography since I was a young child, but it wasn't until I took a Black and White Film course in High School that I experienced a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for the Art. As a result, I have taken a four year Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at York University and a two year Creative Photography Diploma course at Humber College in order to hone my skills.

I love photographing Travel and Wildlife, and they have taken me on many great adventures around the World. I have visited several parts of Italy, London, Guernsey and Paris to learn more about their History and to see their amazing architecture. I have been to Amsterdam to see their culture and their spectacular landscapes. I have traveled to Costa Rica to see the Arenal Volcano and to catch a glimpse of their wildlife. I have also traveled to South Africa and Kenya to see the Serengeti, to Uganda to see the Mountain Gorillas, and to the Galapagos to swim with Sea Turtles and Sea Lions. I am always looking for my next adventure and I can't wait to see where my photography will take me to next.

Presently I have a diverse range of photographic interests ranging from landscapes and architecture, travel and wildlife, and pets and studio work. My primary focus, however, lies with product and portrait photography. I love to work in the studio, as well as, the natural world and create images that express my own sense of creativity and whimsy. I believe in exploring various avenues within photography in order to help broaden my horizons to grow as an individual. I am constantly expanding my photographic knowledge because I believe that education never ends, it is only the beginning.

I have accumulated a  number of accolades during my career so far. I have represented Canada in the 2018 World Photographic Cup and I won MPI's (Master Photographers International) Fine Art Photographer of the Year in their International Image Challenge. I have won numerous Image class awards, as well as, the highest scoring Craftsman image in MPI's IIC (International Image Challenge).  I have been published in Canadian Geographic and I have been recognized by National Geographic in their 2018 Wildlife Competition. I am currently at the Craftsman level, but I am working toward my Masters.

I am a shy person by nature, so photography has given me a way to express my thoughts and display my vision to the world in a way that I can't always communicate in my everyday life. Sunrises and Sunsets, and the like, are no longer ordinary but extraordinary because photography gives me my own unique voice and the means to express that voice to my audience.